Khadeija Ahmed Labeid
General Manager
Former partner and representative of various international investment groups in Mauritania and on regional level, she founded Nouvelle Vision in early 2000 on a unique quality service management model. Organization and Communication professional with over 15 years of management expertise across industries, she has succeeded to become a business reference when it comes to quality, innovation and customer services in Mauritania. Today, she proudly runs the N°1 Human Resources Management company in the country with strategic ambitions all over Africa. Languages : Arabic, French and Spanish
Haroun Sidatt
Managing partner
Human Resources Management expert and Private Sector Development Specialist with over 15 years professional experience in Mauritania and around the world. He has worked for Manpower Inc both in the Human Development department and as Branch Manager for various offices in the United States Mid-West. Recognized as a national reference on Human Resources in Mauritania, he managed to develop solutions adapted to national specific context while compliant with international highest standards. Regular lecturer and active Civil Society volunteer, he also provide advisory and technical services of external relations and social investment for many companies as well as government entities in several countries in West Africa. Languages : Arabic, English, French and Spanish
Mariem Brahim
Sr. Development Specialist
Initial background is financial management and procurement with several years of experience with international companies in Mauritania. Mss. Brahim undertook a full career transformation into management and Human Resources through extractive industries for several years before joining Nouvelle Vision. With over 15 years of professional experience, she has been at Nouvelle Vision since its start and has been the acting GM in charge of control systems, service design and client portfolio management. Languages : Arabic, French and English
Khadijetou Die
HRM Analyst
Human Resources Graduate specialized in recruitment and talent management, Mss. Die joined Nouvelle Vision for internship to upgrade our unique candidate database; immediately after graduation, she joined the team on the recruitment process (vetting and interviewing) as well as provision of overall placement supervision and client evaluation. Languages : French, Arabic and English
Zeinabou Boyhi
Sr. HRM Specialist
Over 20 years of professional experience across sector with several successful Human resources Management positions; certified trainer by the national Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. Given her excellent understanding of HRM solutions and professional experience, Mrs. Beyhi has designed and customized solutions to meet client needs. She acts as a senior technical advisor, a trainer a client portfolio manager for Nouvelle Vision for the past 8 years. Languages : French, Arabic and English
Selima Abdelwedoud
HR Assistant
Young professional with high passion for management and Human resources, she joined Nouvelle Vision right after graduation as an executive assistant; she has grown professionally to become the focal point for all expatriate management affairs and a liaison with professional training institutions and market monitoring for skills and remuneration scales. Languages : French, Arabic and English
Bemba Ahmed Salem
Accountant & Controler
Trained and certified accountant with over 35 years of experience, he joined Nouvelle Vision at its start and has been a central pillar to the organization. He has led the process for financial control systems as well as design of payroll solutions to clients across industries in Mauritania. In addition, his experience provides unique fiscal and administrative insight to Mauritanian regulations and institutional dynamics. Languages : Arabic and French
Larabass Dahi
Logistics & Administration coordinator
With over 20 years of experience in Mauritania, Mr. Dahi has exceptional know-how of Mauritanian context including regulatory and institutional environment. His experience led to full access of ports, airports and key operational ministries and departments where his network remains an asset to his employer. Languages : Arabic and French